Stay Active, Stay Well DVD

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Available to Health Care Professionals and Support Groups only.  There is a limit of 100 DVDs per order.

Our Stay active, stay well exercise videos give you everything you need to start exercising. They include step-by-step aerobic and strength exercises as well as how to warm up before you start, and cool down and stretch at the end. Before you start any exercise, check with your health care professional or respiratory physiotherapist that it’s safe for you. You can also discuss with them the level of exercise that’s right for you.

 You can watch the videos instantly on our website and read about the programme in our exercise handbook which includes an exercise diary to track your progress.

To reduce our impact on the environment, we’d encourage everyone to watch our exercise videos on our website. But if you do need to order this resource as a DVD, please note that you can order a maximum of 100 DVDs per order. Our DVDs are free to order and deliver for health care professionals and support groups.

Stay Active, Stay Well DVD

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