COPD self-management plan

COPD self-management plan

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Self-management of your COPD will help give you control of your condition.

A COPD self-management plan is for people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It’s designed to help you to manage and understand your condition, with guidance and support from your health care professionals when you need it. It should support you to find ways that suit you to manage your symptoms, help you to feel better, and to take control.

The self-management plan includes all the necessary information you need to understand your condition, how you can manage your symptoms and possible treatments, as well as information on flare-ups and an example flare-up action plan.

It's got information on managing breathlessness, support to quit smoking, ways to keep active, and help to set goals. There’s also space to record symptoms, keep track of medication and record flare-ups.

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