Your COPD self-management plan

Your COPD self-management plan

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Our self-management plan includes all the necessary information for your COPD patients to understand their condition and give them tools to manage it.

It explains symptoms and possible treatments, as well as information on flare-ups and an example flare-up action plan. There's also information on managing breathlessness, support to quit smoking, ways to keep active, and help to set goals. There’s also space to record symptoms, keep track of medication and record flare-ups.

You can download this information (PDF 3.24 MB) as a free, interactive PDF file to view on your computer, email to others, or print out for your patients.

The latest version of this information is available to view and download instantly on our website

To reduce our impact on the environment, we’d encourage everyone to download a free PDF or view the information on our website. 

Healthcare professionals and support groups can order up to 50 copies of this resource for free to support people who can’t access our information online.

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